Darrell Cherniske

Landscape Sales / Senior Designer

Darrell Cherniske, Landscape Sales / Senior Designer

A graduate of Cornell University's landscape architecture program, Darrell has been with Kent Greenhouse & Gardens since 1992. Having spent his childhood exploring the mysteries of forest and farm, Darrell approaches each project with an inquisitive and innovative eye. While his aesthetic can best be described as "country formal," some of his most rewarding projects have incorporated contemporary themes and elements into the traditional landscape of Litchfield County.

Darrell is an active volunteer in town and prides himself on making lasting relationships within the community. He serves as Stewardship Committee Chair for Kent Land Trust Board of Directors and has been on the Kent Planning & Zoning Commission since 2002. In his rare leisure time, he enjoys ice fishing, hiking, and patronizing ice cream stands. Darrell lives in Kent with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Aiden.


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