Rick King

Landscape Sales / Arborist / Horticulturist

Rick King, Landscape Sales / Arborist / Horticulturist

During his extensive 30+ year career in both residential and commercial landscaping, Rick has been involved with a wide range of installations, from everyday perennial beds to complex design enhancements that call for the integration of hardscape structures with plantings. His comprehensive knowledge covers the full spectrum of native and ornamental plantings, trees and turf grasses.

Rick has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from SUNY at Purchase, plus credits toward a master’s in Horticulture. He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, a Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional, an ISA-certified Arborist, and a Licensed Pesticide Supervisor for Turf and Ornamentals. During his free time, Rick enjoys saltwater fishing and the culinary arts. He lives in Kent with his wife, Audrey.


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