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Kent Greenhouse opened in 1972 and has 45 years of continued experience to offer.

In the traditional model of Landscape Architecture, the installation activity and the design activity are kept as separate items and are supplied by different entities. Our Design-Build philosophy is that the art of Landscape Architecture is not complete without the act of building and that through our involvement in both the design and installation phases of a landscape project, we are able to continually keep costs down and increase efficiency whilst never diluting the design intent.

We handle everything in-house. Our designers have trained as Landscape Architects but prefer to behave within the character of a Design-Build company to design, create and realize their product. We have Engineering staff, Masons, Carpenters, Fine gardeners, Arborists and Landscape crews that have been with us in many instances for over 20 years. All of these resources are coordinated by the designer-project manager with support from the construction manager and our entire team.

We are not an Architectural firm, we do not sell our designs. Our design work is an integral part of the estimate for a project, there is never a separate fee for design. We work with clients, sharing ideas and budgets to realize a design that suits the real site conditions, the planned use of space and the cost parameters for each activity, obtaining necessary permits. The final design remains with Kent Greenhouse until a signed agreement is reached whence it becomes the property of the client.

We are proud to be celebrating 45 years of business and we thank you for your support.