landscape maintenance

Like most living systems, gardens have cycles of need. From their initial planting and growth to maturity, all plants require pruning, shaping and, when necessary, rejuvenation. Seasonal cleanup, edging, weeding, correct fertilization and monitoring are all components of the stewardship that a garden needs throughout its life.

Our staff of horticulturist includes licensed arborists, veteran groundskeepers and plant enthusiasts who all continually re-educate themselves within our industry to make sure we remain at the forefront of emerging trends in plant care. Kent Greenhouse offers customized maintenance approaches that balance horticultural excellence with your expectations and budget to achieve sustainable property enhancing care.

Fine Horticultural Maintenance

  • Bed cleaning, edging and weed control
  • Mulching and light pruning
  • Monitoring for pests and diseases
  • Perennial division and plant rejuvenation
  • Proactive deer and winter protection

Fine Horticultural Maintenance and Lawn Care

Horticultural maintenance as described above, with the following lawn care:

  • Aerate and feed lawn areas
  • Soil test and treat soils accordingly
  • Grub control and weed suppression

Custom Service

  • Supplemental Watering
  • Annual Plantings, Pots, Herbs and Vegetables

horticultural care

spring maintenance.

  • all bed areas will be deep edged, weeded and dressed with dark natural mulch.
  • ornamental trees and shrubs will be pruned for size, plant health and vigor.
  • a pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to all bed areas to assist in future weed control.
  • organic fertilizer will be applied to all planting areas. monitoring for insect or disease issues is constant as we work around the property.

seasonal interim visits.

interim visits focus on appearance. plants are pruned and shaped to maintain optimum appearance throughout the season. weeding, bed repairs and mulch repairs maintain a crisp look all year. all plants are continually monitored as we work around the property for insect or health issues.

we can design, install and maintain annual plantings throughout your property adding seasonal color and texture. planters, cut flower gardens, urns and pots all create continually updated interest.

plan, install and maintain vegetable garden and herb plantings.

transplant and divide perennials when necessary.

supplemental watering based on your property needs or monitoring of your irrigation system.

fall clean up.

all plant & leaf debris is removed from the bed areas. dead heading and seasonal pruning is carried out on all plant material. perennials and ornamental grasses will be cut down. plants that require winter protection can be wrapped, or sprayed.

lawn care.

spring all lawn areas will be fed with a high nitrogen fertilizer and weed control.

summer all lawn areas will be fertilized with a high potassium content. potassium improves the overall vigor of the grass plant and helps disease resistance.

fall all lawn areas will be fertilized with a high phosphorous content. phosphorous stimulates root growth. all lawn areas will be aerated as necessary.

We can assist in many other areas of your properties care, to see other services that we provide please contact us at or call 860.927.4436.

We are proud to be celebrating 45 years of business and we thank you for your support.